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Welcome to Shekinah Glory International, where sons are born and raised! Here, we help the believer and churches embrace their IDENTITY, discover their PURPOSE, and walk in their DIVINE INHERITANCE so they can be about the Fathers’ Business. We help through prophetic counseling, strategy sessions and by exploring the following seven areas or what we call “The Seven Blocks of Life.”

  • GOD – As the Source of Existence and our connection to Him as God, Creator and Abba Father.

  • IDENTITY – Discovering and embracing who you are in Christ as defined by God Who is our Heavenly Father.

  • PURPOSE – Discovering why I was born. What is my purpose? What is the reason for my existence?

  • RESOURCE – How to identify provision for my vision. What tools do I have in place to fulfill my purpose? What are my giftings, talents, abilities and skills?

  • ACCOUNTABILITY – Cultivating the mindset, God is Owner, I am His Steward and someday I will give an account of my stewardship.

  • REWARD – The Lord will reward me for my stewardship. The quality of our Stewardship equals the measure of our Reward!

  • LEGACY – What is my legacy and what do I leave behind? What impact did I make and how did I influence lives for God?


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25 aug

Freedom Night

29 SEp

Freedom Night

27 OCT

Freedom Night

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Proverbs 19:17

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